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New York Gay Football League

Captains' Logs - Women's Division

Team Unmessable (Captain: Celeste W.)

Offensive MVP: Liz
Defensive MVP: Whole Team! 
The season started off with a bang, literally and figuratively, when two teammates collided into one another, leaving only 7 on the field.  Our offense led by Liz was able to control possession of the game, throwing two touchdowns to Courtney and catching one herself.  The real  MVP was our defense, we worked together to keep the offense off the field and force multiple punts!   

American Retro (Captain: Ashley C)

Offensive MVP: Silvy
Defensive MVP: Alyssa
First NYGFL Touchdown: SILVY!!

First game is always a learning experience, we fought hard and learned a lot! So excited about this team, lots to build on and lots of potential! Pumped for the rest of the season 

Barrow's Pub (Captain: Sjene K.)

Offensive MVP: Rae
Defensive MVP: Queen Bee Bri

Working hard on this 

Next time

Everyone killed it, let's go Barrows!
Awards given: 
Every damn Flag- Queen Bee Bri
Push that B#^!h down- Kristen
COOOOOOOKIE- 2nd play of the game!!! - Rae
COOOOOOOOKIE part deux- Kat
Monster hands- Rae
Team Spirit- Cristina DB
Forrest Gump- Jillian
Byee Felicia- Remy


Bindle & Keep (Captain: Maya S-M.)

Offensive MVP: Georgi M
Defensive MVP: Afton B
First NYGFL Touchdown: Georgi

Bindle & Keep came out strong with its first win of the season. Veteran blocker Georgi M scored her first NYGFL career touchdown with a spectacular contested catch in the end zone the rest of the Bindle Offense contributed for an additional two touchdowns. Defense held American Retro to only 6 points off the back of Afton B at safety who helped shutdown American Retro receivers. Rookies Kelley M and Danielle N had great first games and we are looking forward to a fin and successful season!

Henrietta Hudson (Captain: Suzie E.)

Offensive MVP: Jen B.
Defensive MVP: Chelsea C.

What a fun game! Toni with her first NYGFL catch on 4th down for 20 yards to keep a TD ending drive alive! Rookie, Van, with 2 big TD conversion catches! Jamie did a great job blocking and fending of the speedy Arlene.  Tanya had a clutch TD in the 1st half! Chelsea had some amazing defensive stops and key catches! And, finally, veteran, Jen Blum, came up huge with a couple first down conversion catches and a TD!  Congrats to Variable on a really fun Tie!  OH, and sorry about that too many men on the field call on that punt bringing back that touchdown return you had and extending our 10 minute drive that ended in a TD..MUAHAHAHhaha

Lambay Whiskey (Captain: Vanessa V.)

Offensive MVP: Leslie G.
Defensive MVP: Amy V.
First NYGFL Touchdown: None, BUT Diane Lee had her first NYGFL catch (and 1st down) and flag pull!!

The Lambay Whiskey Puffins started off the season strong with the best looking uniforms... and a solid team effort win against a speedy Barrows team. K.Mogo came down with the game's only touchdown and a few clutch first downs. Amy was a beast on defense rushing like a maniac. Leslie's defensive mind games had the offense scrambling. No one could get by April on offense OR defense. Isa's ability to nonchalantly move laterally and pull flags is always a pleasure to watch. Katie was her normal ninja self, shutting down anyone who came her way. And Diane had a spectacular first down catch at a clutch moment in the game. Her first-ever NYGFL catch!

The Skinny Bar (Captains: Sofia P.)

Offensive MVP: Brit
Defensive MVP: Chrissy

Tough first game but our defense did a great job. We will come back stronger next week! 

Variable (Captain: Nicole W. + Paige D.)

Offensive MVP: Lu
Defensive MVP: Arlene
Hard-fought battle with Henrietta Hudson in Week 1. Variable came out the gate fast with some stellar offense and shut down defense led by speedy Arlene chasing down elusive Hens QB Suzie. Hens would take the lead, and after a penalty voided the magnificent punt return from Peck, it would be up to our final drive to tie the game. Our offense traveled down the field with solid blocking up front from Deanna and Olsen and key catches from Ang, Peck and Nat. Luckily, Lu remembered she had her legs and ran it in for the score! The newly adopted team motto "triangle" put us in great position for the 2 point conversion with an awesome catch from Peck in the back of the end zone to tie the game 14-14.

Looking forward to a rematch with Hens in Week 8!