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Captains' Logs - Women's Division


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


American Retro

Offensive MVP: gio (see below) 
Defensive MVP: OLSEN with 4th down conversion ON THE MOTHER FIN GOAL LINE,
First NYGFL Touchdown: GIO!!!!!!!

AMAZING SEASON RETRO ending the slow start with a nail biting final! 

Barrow's Pub

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope

SNOW BOWL 2017 DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  What an awesome experience playing in the snow under the lights. The whole team showed out and gave it their all in the wintery conditions. It was a different kind of game but football is all about adjusting to the situation at hand and Barrow's pulled out the win to advance to the finals!

What a great, exciting game against a really strong #unmessable team. After falling short twice in the regular season, Barrow's was ready for another chance and came out firing. Defense held it down, offensive execution was on point, a few injuries along the way, but every single person on the team gave everything they had (including Emma's nose) to pull out a big win to take it all! #LETSGETIT #WEGOTIT #BARROWSBLEEDSRED

Bindle & Keep

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: NO

Even though we didn't come out victorious in the end, twas' a Snow Bowl to remember! A huge thank you to all of the Bindlers who made this season so special and fun. Every weekend you all came out and challenged yourselves to give 100% all the time. It was a pleasure to coach you all. Looking forward to Spring 2018! <333 #stayhungry