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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: George Murphy

It was a fun and gritty battle in the deep snow  against Rise. The game went back and forth until Rise was able to pull away at the end with a couple scores. Though we unfortunately did not win, we had a great time in the wintry conditions. Special shout out to rookie George Murphy who has been working so hard to get better each week and this game took a pass all the way down the sideline for his FIRST NYGFL TOUCHDOWN! Great game to team Rise and congrats on your run to the finals.

To my Bottoms-- I'm so proud of every one of you for fighting out a particularly tough season. We dealt with a tweaked hamstring, strained hamstring, pulled hamstring, torn ankle ligament, broken finger, broken collarbone, some sort of three-finger tendon injury... probably missing a couple more... but that didn't stop anyone from having a positive attitude. In the absence of many players throughout the season, everyone-- and I mean everyone-- stepped up and filled those holes (hehe) admirably. Thank you to all for bearing with my yelling on the sidelines. Thank you to Dan, Van, Joe, George, and Jovanni for being willing to take in coaching advice and improving SO much from day 1. Thank you to Jerrell, Giuggio, Jovanni, and Curt for being on-field leaders and calling the shots when I couldn't be out there with you guys. Thank you to Frank, Devonta, Jeff, Van, George, Joe, Curt, heck, everyone for making it impossible for me to pick who to nominate for the sportsmanship award. Thank you to Steve, Jerrell, and Jeff for setting examples of competitiveness by investing 110% on every play. Thank you to Brendan, Steve, Curt, Joe, and Jerrell for showing up on the sidelines when injured...I could go on and on but I have too much to be thankful for. You are all so easy to get along with and I've had so much fun getting to know you . Your easygoing attitudes made it so easy for me to captain this team. At this point, there's only one thing left to say...

Love you all!


Offensive MVP: Mark Rosenberg
Defensive MVP: Matt JP Detty
First NYGFL Touchdown: For the last time: NO

Great game Industry!  Was great to see you boys take the whole thing!  You played hard and definitely earned your championship this season!  I was sad we didn't get to the championship game but top 4 isn't bad!:

Nothing I can say here is really going to really make anyone understand how much I loved my team this fall, but I'll try:

David - You were my rock.  I owe you so much for making this such a winning season.  It was a pleasure getting to work with you.  More than anything I am happy our friendship strengthened this season.

JP - You took more hits than Tonya Harding. You were a beast blocker and a great strategist.  Thanks for your help at the draft and beyond.  You helped put this team together!!  

Mark - Thank you so much for stepping up and QBing our first two games.  Your level head and deep game knowledge was what kept us alive most games.  You still have to come out with us for a drink though...

Terrell - We totally made up for Toolbox!  We won games, and I got you to smile a lot.  I couldn't ask for anything more.  I am also happy you didn't get hit by a bus this season.  I'll let you QB more next time. ;)

Erik - The adorable little speed demon: you kept us all bright and smiling the entire season.  I will never forget the smile on your face when you caught a touchdown (and there were many!).

Jonathan - I was so happy when I drafted you because I knew you'd make this a fun team.  You get my jokes and I love yours.  The care you have for others taught me how to be a better captain.  Promise me we'll watch All Stars together next year...

Matty Ray - I adored you long before this team, but goodness I can't imagine this season without you.  You reminded all of this that this league is about having a good time.  Celebrating after every game (win or lose) was my favorite part of Saturday nights.

Jeff - Every team needs a team mom, and I am thankful that you were ours.  Your dedication to our team, even after your injury, was amazing.  Without someone on the sidelines keeping track of everything (did we ever find TJ's wristband?) we would have fallen apart.  Thanks for being the glue! 

Curley - Gurl, you know I won't play unless you're on my team.  Another season for the books.  Attention future captains: WE ARE A PACKAGE DEAL.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Love you buddy!

Matt D. - The most fearless rusher in the league.  You played your heart out every drive and don't think it ever went unnoticed.  I'll never forget the fire in your eyes during every game.  And that includes Mario Kart...

Pete - You have improved so, so, so much over the season!  You've become a fantastic defender!  But the thing I'll miss more than anything is our asides on the sidelines and the giggles that followed.

Nate - Welcome to the league!  I hope your first season was a good one.  We loved having you!  You espouse so many of the traits that make a person such a great fit for this league: you're funny, dedicated and willing to learn.  It doesn't hurt that you also make most of the league drool (I'm looking at you Tedaldi).

I hope I get to play with all of you again sometime!  And the rest of the league: beware.  Just because the season is over doesn't mean there aren't more shower pictures coming.


Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: Team 
Defensive MVP: Team
First NYGFL Touchdown: ---

What a season! From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my Gym Bar teammates for an amazing season. I am so proud of everyone individually and collectively as a team for how we grew together and built something special on and off the field. We lost a heart-breaker in the quarters, but I have no regrets. We had fun and battled hard every single game, and I hope everyone learned a little something to help them get better. From team dinners to after parties to the games themselves, what a great season this was. Thank you all for making my job as captain the easiest one ever. Proud of y’all. Gym-me, Gym-me More!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Offensive MVP: James Riedel
Defensive MVP: Everyone
First NYGFL Touchdown: No.

All I can say is WOW! After our bye week, the Industry Unicorns came out swinging this weekend and battled out way through the snow (and some of us, hangovers and HMD…) to claim the championship we worked so hard to get! Every single person on our team played their hearts out, and as many of you saw, I was beaming with excitement and happiness.

During our play off run we scored a total of 90 points and that is no simple task! Each and every player contributed to that, with DJ, Mark Blad, Brendan and Pat scoring multiples touchdown and gaining lots of yardage from passes by James! Josh and Hersh showed off their skills as center and blocker gaining many yards and first downs. Ricky proved that a long weekend of circuiting can’t hold him down as he snatched many flags and got multiple sacks. As for me, I may have gotten an interception. 

A big shoutout to Captains Justin Friedman, Mike Figliulo and Jamar Wilson and all your teams for great games and a great season! Thank you to the NYGFL board and captains for allowing me to captain this great group of guys this season and giving me captain of the season. On top of winning the championship with the these amazing men, that was truly a highlight of the season.

To my team: James, Blad, Mark, Thomas, Pat, Norman, DJ, Ricky, Brendan, Josh and Hersh, there are no words I can say to thank you for all your hard work you put in the last three months. It’s because of all your commitment, hard work and love that lead us to the championship. We worked together on and off the field, and I have never been on a team that clicked so well and enjoyed every minute of spending time together. I started this season off in a not so great place, you guys have really shown me happiness and made me feel so special. We made memories this season, that will truly last a lifetime. I love you all so much, and thank you for giving me this magical season. 

Remember, Bitch I’m a Unicorn! 


Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: Rob Body
Defensive MVP: Jeremy Cross
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope

Industry played a great game in harsh conditions. Mickey's fought hard on D but James kept pushing the chains. Just like all season, this talented group of footballers never gave up, even when the odds were not in our favor. 

When I played high school baseball, senior year I had some Mickey Sasser type deal and just couldn't throw my fastball as hard as I needed to. I slipped out of the rotation and barely pitched. At the team dinner, my coach, who was neither eloquent or compassionate at any other time during his reign, came to the part where he had to say something about me. And he said ""Justin, sometimes you can have a great season, even if what happens on the field isn't what you wanted.""

We had a great season. Thank you Rob, Nic, Jeremy, Darrin, ***BLOCKER OF THE YEAR/DODGEBALL TEAM MVP Quincey, Lou, Tyler, Diego, Morris, Jens, and Jarred. 

And now, sashay...away


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: The team!
Defensive MVP: The team!
First NYGFL Touchdown: You ask me every week - she's just not that into you

I know everyone has been waiting all season with great anticipation for this (except for Eddie) [Editor's Note: True.] and I will finally deliver. I will be using Golden Girls gifs. The public asked for it (ok, maybe it was only one person) and I must not disappoint. It's also super nice that with his last bump-and-run before Pat becomes communications director that Eddie is allowing extra gifs just for me.

Saturday night was epic. The snow made Dewitt Clinton super cute. And it was a real snow which made both teams move much more slowly than normal - quite something for two of the speedier teams in the league.

Gym started with the ball and went down the field and someone scored. I don't remember who. And then it was Stonewall's turn. As per usual, Stonewall went for a thorough and a methodical drive lasting all of one play with Colin catching (another) fly pattern TD and next thing you know it was 6-6; later in the game, he would get an extra point. Christian also ended up with 2 touchdowns, Kris had one as did the always amazing Joe (becoming the 10th different receiver to catch a TD from Matt this season). Joe had perhaps the most critical catch of the game with his touchdown occurring late in the first half with Brandon almost on top of him and with his hand on the ball. The Gym sideline could only give the reaction of

Golden Girls GIF

The Stonewall defense made a number of great plays. Johnny, James and Bruce all had sacks, and Martin and Diogo pulled some important flags. Harold should have had a pic-6 to ice the game late but it was nullified by a penalty. What should have been a three score game remaining at 2 scores, and then Gym made its way down the rest of the field to score making it 31-26. 

Stonewall understood exactly what it needed to do. Get one first down, and the game was over. But the snow makes the ball extra slick, and a couple of incomplete passes took virtually no time off the clock. On a critical third and 10 with under two minutes remaining, Stonewall went to their always sure-handed captain with the ball - and she dropped it giving Gym once last chance to win the game (after a punt). It was stunning.

Golden Girls Rose GIF by HULU

Gym used a couple of solid dumpoff calls to David and Monty (is she new to the league?) to get into close range to take a very last minute lead. But on the big fourth down and time running down, Brandon scrambled and scrambled and scrambled (it's what she does) before throwing a ball that looked headed for someone's hands in the endzone when Thirst Trap star (and New York Rebels defensive captain) Kris came out of nowhere to snatch the ball sealing the win for Stonewall. If he wasn't so humble, Kris should have said

But he won the sportsman award for a reason. 

And after the game, the team celebrated with a few drinks and some food. 


Wait? Eddie actually edited that one out? He's enforcing the limit? [Editor's Note: Darn tootin.'] Son of a...I'm glad I voted for Pat!

What an amazing season - thanks to all of the Thirst Trap - Billman, Kris, Christian, Harold, Joe, Johnny, Diogo, Bruce, Colin, Martin, James and Anthony. It was so great getting to play with you all and I hope to be able to do it again in the future. And one last time for our rookie bachelor who gave us our cheer -  #shootfortheface !