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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: Tim O
Defensive MVP: Joey L
First NYGFL Touchdown: 0

Great game to both teams. Let’s stay messy and get this championship! 

Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: Jerrell Price
Defensive MVP: Joe Marino, Steve Rubin, & Jeff Levin
First NYGFL Touchdown: :(

The Bottoms came into the playoffs hungry and motivated, starting the game with a defensive stop and then a score to Frank on the first offensive possession. The men of Hardware proved to be tough as nails, though, bouncing right back to tie the game 7-7. Ultimately, one more second half touchdown to Jerrell proved to be the difference maker in a hard fought 13-7 victory.

This was a full-team win, particularly on D. DMVP Joe Marino had an incredible game at middle linebacker, playing smart ball and preventing any big gains on the center/blocker release. Co-DMVP Steve Rubin had two INTs and vows to have two more next week (I'm holding you to that). Co-co-DMVP Jeff Levin was ferocious as a rusher, literally screaming as he ran on every play. Dan Dimant added another sack to his season total. Frank had a huge game with diving flag pulls like a masc jock 22-year-old. Van and Devonta were in the mix at linebacker as well and had multiple QB pressures.

On offense, it was pretty much the Jovanni-to-Jerrell show, and it didn't disappoint, as the two connected time and again for big gains. Frank had several nice catches on the release as well and Van pulled in a clutch third down catch. Giuggio didn't play but he did look pretty on the sidelines.

Shoutout to Hardware on an awesome season and a well-fought game with great individual efforts. Justin was thrown into a tough spot and kept his poise the whole time, Josh had what seemed like 20 pass breakups, Ian bested our D many times, and Eddie made life tough on our blockers, per usual.

We look forward to playing team Rise this week on our quest for the championship! Tops DOWN Bottoms UP!


Offensive MVP: Rocky Granum
Defensive MVP: Steph Benjamin
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nope

In a game Boxers played 6 on 7, MVP and Rookie of the Year candidate Steph Benjamin attempted to carry the team on his shoulders once again. Aside from playing in his 8th game out of 9, during a season when Boxers had over 8 players but once, Steph had his usual allotment of “Wow” plays that had his teammates, refs and opponents shaking their heads. One was a full extension diving catch on a 4th down throw behind him right at the sticks. Another was a towering jumping catch over 2 defenders on a desperate heave by his grateful quarterback. I’ve reviewed the Bump and Runs and game scores over the season and a conservative estimate says Steph has scored over 100 points out of the 153 we’ve score all season long. Almost all TDs, conversions and on field joy from the positive swing of team momentum have been a direct result of Steph’s play.

This game was no different as Boxers attempted to beat the Great Gazelle Brandon Stoneham down a man. Keeping the game within one score the whole way, Boxers got an amazing effort from rookie center Rocky Granum, who sliced through the Gym double rush with lightning fast catch and runs up the middle. Andreau Blanchard caught several balls, including one off a hard deflection by Tony McDonald. Michael Hendricks showed up, as he always does, carrying the D and pairing with Steph to attack the sidelines on O, including a TD. And Nick Ferrando, injured all season with a booted foot, yet always present as our #1 cheerleader, didn’t miss a beat getting big at MLB and providing crucial blocking for an offense short on bodies and facing a constant double rush. “So Much Man”...

I want to thank Gym Bar and all of our opponents for a great season, keeping it fun when we were constantly shorthanded. Thanks to the refs for putting up with my over the top disputes. And most importantly, thanks to my teammates for staying positive through less than ideal circumstances. Special thanks to Hendricks and Steph for leading our team all season. You were our rocks, and a captain couldn’t ask for better support!


Offensive MVP: Mark Rosenberg
Defensive MVP: TJ Calloway
First NYGFL Touchdown: Will you please stop badgering me? (Editor's note: No.)

Shout-out first and foremost to a great season played by the Saddles led by Mama Tedaldi.  It was fantastic to get to play such a great group of guys in our first round of the playoffs.  You played amazingly well, and we only barely eked out a win. I hope the rest of the playoffs are as fun as that game!

I couldn't be prouder of my DBL boys.  Here's some footage of us after the game:


Offensive MVP: Keenan
Defensive MVP: Everyone
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nah

From the bottom of my heart, thank you again for such a fun season guys.  It’s been an.......interesting season behind the scenes but I’m sooo proud of everyone .....good luck to stonewall as they advance...give ‘me hell sean

Flaming Saddles

Offensive MVP: Josh Fyffe & Oscar Ortega
Defensive MVP: Matthew Nathanson & Fredric "HOLLYWOOD" Jones
First NYGFL Touchdown: neeeeeeeeeeope

Round #1 of the playoffs matched up the sass of Mike Figliulo's team DBL vs. the crass of Flaming Saddles... 
this game had all the makings of a great playoff game. The scores went back and forth, both teams taking leads and with minutes left.... deadlocked at 21-21. 
David Tawil and team DBL drove downfield and took a 6 point lead and handed the ball over to Tedaldi [who lives for these moments] with just 2 minutes to go. 
The flamers drove down inside the 10 yard line with under a minute to go, but on 4th and goal, DBL unleashed a triple rush that forced Tedaldi to get rid of the ball a second earlier than he wanted and his pass was just out of the reach of Nate Skaggs, who had a step on his man in the end zone.
Well deserved win and super fun, competitive and great sportsmanship all around. This is what the NYGFL is all about.
I quickly want to congratulate and wish Mikey, David Tawil, Mark Rosenberg, Terrell TJ Calloway and [who can forget Nate Germer] LOL, along with the rest of team DBL [oh, yeah, Matty Ray & Jeff Zimmerman too] lots of luck and good wishes in this upcoming weekend.
Is Balthaser on this team?

As for my gurlz, my flamers, my saddles.... 
I couldn't be more proud of you!!!
Who knows, if we had just 1 more down, 1 more play, 1 more pass.... it might have been us advancing to play next week.

Josh and Oscar were absolute beasts on offense and Fred & Nathanson played possessed on the ""D"" (but who doesn't?).

As I reflect on the whole season, and as the tears begin to flow, the 1 things that chokes me up is that I will wake up next Saturday and the next few Saturday's and realize that I do not have to wash my uniform and I will not be able to suit up and take the field to battle against friends with all of you... Josh Fyffe, Nate Skaggs, Mikki Cotter, Oscar Jr Ortega, Eric C. James, Courtney Joseph, Matthew Nathanson, Fredric HOLLYWOOD Jones, John Cowhey, John Balash, Ricky Zia and Klhoe [I mean Russell Hoffman]... I will truly miss seeing your faces and cherish the friendships.
Although we came up short, I rather be on the losing end with all of you.  It was an honor to take the field with you all every week.
Some captains measure their success with wins vs. losses.... I've always measured mine by how many of you say ""I'd play on your team anytime"" or ""Thank you so much for drafting me"" and just your smiles.

It's very humbling and is a major reason I come back season after season.

I love you all, my precious Flamers.

#NYGFL #NYGFLfamily #NYGFLweChangeLives


Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: Tristan Jordan
Defensive MVP: Chris Vacchio
First NYGFL Touchdown: Chris Vacchio (retroactively)

Huge shout out to Boxers for showing up to play despite only having 6 players. Was fun to compete! You guys deserved better this season!

Gym Bar showed up ready to play and established a comfortable lead after the first few possessions. TD grabs from Tristan, Justin, David, Monty & Brandon were the difference as everyone was involved early and often. It wasn't the defense's best game but we did enough to get the win. Congrats to Robbie for getting a INT to end the game.

Shout out to Chris Vacchio for his first NYGFL TD in the final regular season game - on a pick 6 no less!! Congrats Chris.

We look forward to taking on Stonewall in the quarter finals this weekend!


Offensive MVP: Justin Hess
Defensive MVP: Josh Polycarpe
First NYGFL Touchdown: Not this time

To all of the little footballers who are reading this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.

Congratulations to Mike and his Bottoms Up crew, you played a great game, and I wish you luck next weekend. 

💔Heartbreakers💔, the season did not end as I had hoped, but nevertheless I am immensely proud of all of you.

Brad, welcome to the NYGFL! I was so glad to have you by my side blocking, and you hit the ground running right from that first game. 

Ian (C), welcome to the NYGFL! Getting people off the wait list can be a crapshoot, and I consider myself quite lucky to have gotten you. 

Ian (D), glad to have you on my team again. Your speedy routes and aggressive defensive play kept us a threat with depth. 

Jeremy, I relish the look on Dan's face when I nabbed you before he did, and it's only been better since. Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice, good humor, and completely shutting down runs on the left side of the fields. 

Joe, you're a treasure. You've got the best attitude on the field, such fun off the field, and I'm happy we got to share it all again. 

Josh, thank you for really stepping up this season and continuing your growth as a player. I'm so glad I convinced you to join the league those years ago. 

Justin, welcome to the NYGFL! You're a star and you're brave, and you bravely stood up in the most trying of (admittedly adult gay football) circumstances. That you're such a great team player with positive attitude on and off the field is even better. 

Michael (B), welcome to the NYGFL! You've grown a lot in such a short time, going from not being really sure about the concept of flags to locking down the middle and even getting an interception. 

Mike (O), welcome to the NYGFL! I wish we had you around more, but when you were there, you brightened the huddle and yearned to learn more. 

Robbie, my fellow Slut, thank you for being the core of the team. You remain among the best players in this league, and I'm so glad to have you there, right to the end. 

Scott, you gave us depth and you gave us life in play and after party. Thanks for making it in from a long commute and lifting up our IG game. 

Tim, you're a great team player and fantastic at locking down the left side. I'm so lucky to have you on my team again.

Thank you boys. 



Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: James Riedel 
Defensive MVP: DJ David
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nooooooo 

So this Saturday we played our makeup game against Mickeys. I sadly was not in attendence, however from what I know and what I heard, the unicorns of industry played their little hearts out and as always I couldn’t be anymore proud. 

We did have the bye this week and i just want to say a HUGE thank you to my boys for playing so hard this season and making some truly amazing memories  on and off the field. You all have made my first captioning experience something i will not soon fortget. On Saturday, we will be making our playoff debut in a rematch agaainst Mickeys with the hopes of us going all the way and brining home that crown...or championship, whatever you want to call it. Best of luck to all the teams this weekend and we will you all on the fields! 


Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: Jeremy Cross
Defensive MVP: Morris Thorpe
First NYGFL Touchdown: not today

First - hats off to Joe White, who admirably stepped in at QB for 
Rory. Mr. Biggs moved the ball well and played fast tough defense, with Josh Davis flying around the field. But Mickey's replied with tough defense of their own, led by a pick-6 from Nic Pei, a pick from Rob Body and the first NYGFL interception of Morris Thorpe late in the game to seal the deal. Jeremy Cross was showing off his speed and caught a deep TD to start the scoring in the first half. 

Onto the rematch with Industry! 

Mr. Biggs

Offensive MVP: Nick Avitable
Defensive MVP: John Ford
First NYGFL Touchdown: none

Great team effort playing the second half of the game without our QB.

We came up short but had an amazing season getting to know one another and playing as a team Win or Lose.

Go Team Football GIF


Offensive MVP: Vodka
Defensive MVP: Tequila
First NYGFL Touchdown: Rum

Get Out Gtfo GIF

Team Rise was off for Round 1 with the coveted BYE week earned for our foolery during the regular season. Although, we did hold a spirited practice early Saturday evening.

We look forward to Championship Weekend.


Offensive MVP: Billman!
Defensive MVP: Harold and Diogo
First NYGFL Touchdown: no ma'am

Amazingly, the lights actually came on at Dewitt Clinton on Sunday afternoon just in time for the matchup between the Thirst Trap and Bryan's Eagle squad. While undermanned, Eagle gave it a great effort, even holding onto a 19-12 lead at halftime. At that point, with a few minor adjustments, the Thirst Trap defense came to life and next thing you know - boom! 37-19 win for Stonewall.

The offense was spectacular again scoring on 6 of 7 drives (the exception being the one that ended the first half when the clock ran out). QB Matt was amazing - like he has all season, he distributed the ball well with 4 different receivers catching touchdowns and a total of 9 different receivers with a catch.  

Will & Grace GIF

Special shoutout to Colin who jammed his hand badly in practice pregame, but with some adhesive tape and a little spit, made sure he was still ready for the game itself (hello, it is the playoffs). When the dust settled, he had 3 touchdown catches and some slick moves on the field like

Sean Hayes Nbc GIF by Will & Grace

And also a special shoutout to Diogo who got his first career interception in the second half. On the very next offensive drive, Matt found him open on a seam pattern and Diogo took it to the house, trotting back to the huddle with a reaction of

Sean Hayes Nbc GIF by Will & Grace

Great game, Eagle! You might have been shorthanded, but you gave it your everything! And great game to the Thirst Trap - now we are on to round 2 and a matchup with Gym. Shoot for the face!