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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: Curt McLellan
Defensive MVP: George Murphy
First NYGFL Touchdown: Almost...

The Bottoms came out fighting this week with a strong will to beat the talented Gym Bar squad, but ultimately came up short. Gym Bar sealed the game in epic fashion late in the second half, with a pick six on a ball that got tipped in the air at least five times, matching Dan's Saturday night makeout total and leaving us all feeling like...

[kinda upset gif]

Despite the loss we had many great individual performances. QB Jovanni showed poise despite multiple receivers out with injury, syncing up with Curt time and again. He threw 3 TD passes and has firmly placed himself in the Rookie of the Year Conversation. Devonta White did an excellent job with his blocking to help Jovanni buy time in the pocket. OMVP Curt ""Baby Tooth"" McLellan had another stellar game, catching a couple TDs and repeatedly coming up with tough grabs in key moments. Frank Krumrie caught a slick TD against tight coverage. Van Welch had a BIG catch for 30 or so yards, marking his first career NYFGL reception! He's got a ton of potential and is ready to break out in the playoffs.

On defense, DMVP George Murphy continued to take in coaching and improve, allowing no completions at all. Jeff Levin was fantastic on the rush, providing consistent pressure. Mike Giuggio played a great game at middle linebacker and shut down the center release that commish Monty just loves to brag about. Dan Dimant had a sack and continued to really improve at outside linebacker. The defense as a whole did a FANTASTIC job containing Brandon from ripping off any big runs considering his speed and elusiveness.

After the game the teams got together for pizza and drinks and partied like..

Love Actually Literally The Best Scene In The History Of Anything Ever GIF

Hats off to Gym Bar for a great game and getting the W. It was a great all-around game by your whole squad. Hope for a playoff rematch!


Offensive MVP: Michael "3TD" Hendricks
Defensive MVP: Steph Benjamin
First NYGFL Touchdown: womp

When Boxers took a look at the standings going into Week 8, and saw they were still winless, they thought

Let's get this improbable playoff run started early by beating a first place team!

Things started bleak, however, when Jamar ran in a score to put Rise up 13-0 with 10 seconds left in the first half, leaving Boxers looking like

But with 10 seconds, on their own 10, Boxers drew up the Hail Mary to a bunch of bodies on the left side, Jaime at QB dodged the triple rush, rolled left and chucked it up, and *shockingly* Steph Benjamin brought it down and ran it in. An illegal block penalty left Boxers on the 15 however, with one untimed down, when Michael Hendricks left Gus in his dust on a route to the pylon for his first of several clutch TD catches.

The Boxers D stepped up in the second half, with an interception by Steph shifting momentum and giving Boxers the ball inside the Rise 10. Rob Olson also nearly had a pick-6 in what would've been a cinematic moment in the rain. But Hendricks hogged the heroics, catching his 2nd TD and tiptoeing inside the pylon down the right sideline to bring Boxers within 13-12. After missing the conversion, and with the Rise offense stalled, Boxers lost track of downs several times, turning the ball over with under 2 minutes left in the game. A failed pitch and timeout later, Rise ran only 15 seconds off the clock, giving Boxers another chance after a punt. Baez marched the offense down the field, using a throw on the run to hit Andrew Jardine on a clutch catch late. And with under a minute left (again), Baez hit Mr. Clutch himself, Michael Heroics... errr, Hendricks, on a tip toe catch at the side of the end zone to give Boxers a last-minute lead they wouldn't give up this time. Fittingly, Michael sealed the win with an interception. Thanks, boo!

Shout-out to Mullen, Gus, Jamar, Deej and the rest of Rise for a clean, fun game.


Offensive MVP: David Tawil
Defensive MVP: Peter Demoise
First NYGFL Touchdown: (Shakes head violently)

Hornet tried to get in our head, but we said, ain’t gonna happen:

On defense we were on fire.  The team was grabbing at people’s waist like a Weinstein Company Christmas party.  Sacs a plenty!  Shout out to David who had…  I dunno 525,600 interceptions.  Curley and I were destroying the middle, and having a great time doing it.  There was nothing that was going to penetrate our defense.  

On offense, Terrell was catching long balls like it was his job.  Nate and JP were doing some of their best blocking I’ve ever seen.  And Mark and Eric were killing it on the running plays.  QB David was finding all the holes and exploiting them.

Shout out to the whole team though.  We had a ton of people playing positions that they don’t normally play and they were playing it well.

Also want to give a huge shout out to our cheerleader and mom, Jeff “Messica” Zimmerman for being there for us the entire season despite his injury!  We love you, even if you don’t always get home with everything…

We’re Dangerous…  We’re Beautiful…  We’re Legendary…  And we’re ready to kill it in the playoffs!  


Offensive MVP: Keenan
Defensive MVP: Andy
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nah, playa

Well it’s been an interesting regular season and I have to say that regardless of the score and our ranking, I’m soooooo proud of this team.  Some weeks have been better than others but all in all, I couldn’t be happier......CASH ENP IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!


Flaming Saddles

Offensive MVP: DeWitt Clinton lights
Defensive MVP: DeWitt Clinton lights
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope

Flaming Saddles was about to send their QB home at halftime and have Jamar finish the game.....

and then the lights went out!


Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: Ian D. 
Defensive MVP: Joshie
First NYGFL Touchdown: not this time!

Keep on rolling 💔Heartbreakers!💔 Good job in keeping it together while I was down in Philadelphia playing board games. Thanks to Robbie for shepherding (and, like, throwing the ball and whatnot)! Shoutouts to Ian and Justin for racking up more points--currently leading the NYGFL!--and to Josh for a safety while rushing. We've got great momentum coming into the playoffs. Good luck to team Eagle and everyone else (except those who oppose us)!


Offensive MVP: Joe Beckwith
Defensive MVP: Ave Draper
First NYGFL Touchdown: 

Bad Girls Club Television GIF

Bad Girls Club Television GIF

Final score 36-29


Offensive MVP: Not the lights
Defensive MVP: Not the lights
First NYGFL Touchdown: No

The lights went out but we were playing a really really really REALLY good game. 

That's all. 


Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: incomplete
Defensive MVP: incomplete
First NYGFL Touchdown: incomplete


Mr. Biggs

Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: Bryan Mullen / Deej Johnson
Defensive MVP: David Bouzy
First NYGFL Touchdown: Naw

Anything worth having is never easy. Earning the number one seed was no easy feat for Team Rise. First, we had light issues. Then we had Brandon Stoneham issues. 

We shut down his whole team and he ALMOST single-handedly won the game for Gym Bar his damn self!

It was a tremendous game played by both teams and it went down to the end. I’m sure we will meet again in the playoffs. 

I’m extremely proud of my guys on Team Rise and we can’t wait for the Tournament in a few weeks. 

Tracee Ellis Ross GIF by AMAs

In our second game, we battled Team Boxers led by Jaime and Big Steph. It was a fun game where we tried to get some rest for our wounded guys. 

Congrats to Team Boxers for your first win of the season!


Offensive MVP: Billman
Defensive MVP: Christian, Kris
First NYGFL Touchdown: Bruce

Even though the start time was scheduled for well past the bedtime of both captains, the Thirst Trap took on Tedaldi's Flamers on Saturday night. Stonewall was quite concerned at first after losing the toss, entering the game 3-0 when winning the toss, and 0-4 when losing the toss (or maybe it was only the silly one who keeps ridiculous statistics that even noticed). Is losing a coin toss really a sin?

Animated GIF

However, the Stonewall offense was ready to go with Billman hooking up with Kris for a quick first score and a 6-0 lead. The defense was ready to go as well, as rookie safety sensation Christian made a pick on the first play sending the Stonewall offense back out onto the field. A couple of plays later, it was 12-0 after Billman hit Sean who backed into the endzone for the score.

The Flamers did start to show a bit of life on their next drive with Tedaldi finding Mickey who escaped multiple deflagging attempts to take it the length of the field (don't sleep on her!) and cut the score to 12-6.

And then Stonewall lost its mind - after three consecutive incomplete passes, Stonewall had a fourth and 10 from their 10 yard line, and decided to go for it (because that's a really good idea...), and Billman found Sean with an 11 yard completion - only for the play to be called back on a penalty. Now it's fourth and 15 from their 5 yard line, which means (of course) that Stonewall still went for it even though on the sidelines Harold was not having it - possibly threatening

But, in spite of the insanity, it worked! Billman found Martin way down the field and he was able to trot into the endzone and a 19-6 lead after Bruce got the extra point. Christian got an interception on the next Flamer drive and Stonewall was right on top of the end zone on fourth down when supertwink Nate batted down a pass forcing a turnover. Like any good captain, Tedaldi wanted to reward Nate, and in the next drive threw him a long pass - but Stonewall defender Kris made a great interception giving the ball back to the Stonewall offense. After moving the ball down the field once more, Billman backhanded a ball to rookie Bruce (dignity still intact after the Bachelor Auction) who swallowed up the ball like a Venus flytrap capturing its prey for his first NYGFL touchdown. With Joe getting the extra point, it was now 26-6.

Tedaldi led his team out on the field one more time with little time left in the first half - and then it happened.

Well, technically it wasn't Georgia, but Dewitt Clinton Park. Close enough. Marjorie will never forget."