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Captains' Logs - Women's Division


Offensive MVP: team
Defensive MVP: team
First NYGFL Touchdown: na


American Retro

Defensive MVP: πŸ˜  STEPH-PRIL πŸ‘©β€β€οΈβ€πŸ‘©
First NYGFL Touchdown: 

The 🌊 are shifting for AMERICAN RETRO πŸ’ͺ.  Strong Performance by the Team as we earned the 2nd W of season.  Both kicy AND LIZ MARQUES brought their🏎  this weekend running the ball in for a TDs....  Although we were proud to come away with a win we are very sad about those injured 😩.  PS. In reference to the image above or below...  10 POINTS FOR HUFFLEPUFF!!!!! (even though I am officially a 🐍 and/or 🦁. according to Pottermore


Barrow's Pub

Offensive MVP: Jessie & Martha
Defensive MVP: Patti
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope


Bindle & Keep

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: NO


Happy Beauty Queen GIF by Miss America

CrossFit SPOT

Offensive MVP: N/A
Defensive MVP: N/A
First NYGFL Touchdown: N/A

CF Spot got off to a great start, leading 12-0 before the city of NY decided we were done playing.


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Henrietta Hudson

Offensive MVP: Deanna B and Oliva S
Defensive MVP: Nicki N
First NYGFL Touchdown: no

Oh My this was a close one. Hens just couldn't pull it out, losing by 1 point.  Shout out to Crystal for scoring her second ever NYGFL TD, after having scored her first in her last game.  Nicki N has a knack for catching the other teams balls every game and huge shout out to Deanna B and Olivia S for their totally awesome blocking skills. More killer catches from Chaddy, and great job by Maza, Jordan and Thea on both sides of the ball.  Final shoutout to KAT ROD for her continued super-star support on the side lines and we hope to see her back out there soon..........

Lucky Strike

Offensive MVP: N/A
Defensive MVP: Dewitt Clinton Lights
First NYGFL Touchdown: Na

The game on Saturday was anything but LIT. Shout out to New York City, who forgot daylight savings was a thing. ( Why is it still a thing?)  We'll see you on Saturday for 1.5 games.