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Captains' Logs - Women's Division


Offensive MVP: Erika
Defensive MVP: Squad
First NYGFL Touchdown: na

Yeahhhhh #messy! We are getting all those extra points next week!

American Retro

Offensive MVP: KICY
Defensive MVP: THE UNIT...
First NYGFL Touchdown: KICY --- First NYGFL Touchdown(S!)

Bi-annual Shoham-Marquez bowl:  Liz -1 , Maya - Almost!   Retro really hit our stride this week coming away with the first W of the season.. at the Shoham-Marquez bowl no less.  Offensive MVP goes to KICY who had not 1 but 2 touchdowns.  ... #unmessable 

Barrow's Pub

Offensive MVP: Emma
Defensive MVP: Toni
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope

To say it was a crazy game is an understatement. Battling back and forth against a very sharp Bindle & Keep team, there was never a dull moment on the field. Being down 7 with just under 2 minutes to go, Barrow's marched down the field and scored with just 1 second on the clock. Being down 1, it was a unanimous team decision to go for the win rather than the tie. Play was executed just as we drew up, with the ball bouncing off offense, defense, and then landing in the hands of Emma to complete the extra 2 points for the win! May the football gods be ever in our favor

Bindle & Keep

Offensive MVP: Robin
First NYGFL Touchdown: Noooo

WHAT A GAME! Robin was 100% on point all night on the QB front. Bindle was lightin' up the first half with TDs by Peck and Brittany and the ever so important extra points by Rihannon and Nat. The second half was cray cray with a TD run by Robin and a hard fought back and forth between both teams. Even though Barrows took the W on a 2 point conversion with zero seconds left on the clock, the Bindle D was incredibly awesome (as always). We'll get em' next time! 

Kudos to both teams for a great match up!

CrossFit SPOT

Offensive MVP: Jillian B
Defensive MVP: Paige W
First NYGFL Touchdown: Jillian B

Jillian B had the lone score for CF Spot as they fought hard but ultimately came up short. Other highlights include stopping AR at the 5yrd line and Paige's amazing catch at the end of the game. Great game Retro!


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Henrietta Hudson

Offensive MVP: Olivia Simon
Defensive MVP: Team D
First NYGFL Touchdown: Olivia Simon

Hen's 6 players laid it all on the line. Despite playing 6 on 7, the Hen warriors managed 3 interceptions, two by rookies Nicki and Olivia and 3 TDs one of which was Olivia's first NYGFL TD.  Hens lost but certainly kept the game exciting. See you all next week.

Lucky Strike

Offensive MVP: Carrie
Defensive MVP: Ella Rose
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nope

The 6 women of Hens came out strong this weekend but in the end Lucky Strike came up with a W.  Carrie  had two touchdowns to continue her streak of consecutive weeks with touchdowns. Dani added another and Courtney ran one in for a score.  Arlene came up with two huge extra points and everyone made clutch catches and played good defense throughout the game.  Well done ladies.