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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: Eric Roberts
Defensive MVP: Steven Grant
First NYGFL Touchdown: 0

What a game ! Steven Tedaldi and the flamers came out Saturday night to knock unmessable off their winning streak but fell a little short. Steve on his saddle took the game early with a 13-0 lead but at halftime unmessable regrouped and was determined not to give up! Unmessable scored 20 points in the second half to win 20-13. In the second half rookie Steven Grant snatched 3 picks which lead to three Eric Roberts touch downs and a victory !!! Great game to both teams and good luck with flaming saddles in the playoffs. I’m sure will see you again! 

Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: Mike Giuggio & Jovanni Molina
Defensive MVP: Dan Dimant
First NYGFL Touchdown: Negative

What a game this week! The Bottoms took a quick 14-0 lead but Boxers made adjustments to slow our offense and climb back in the game. We were up 21-14 when Boxers scored a TD with 00:20  left on a heave to that godly, massive man Steph (who else?). Jaime Baez had the cojones to go for the 2-point conversion and sure enough Steph made the catch to put us down 1, which had us like...

Arrested Development Breaking Up GIF

But Jovanni Molina had other plans. After a long run on an ""injured ankle,"" he quickly pushed the offense to the 5-yard line and with 00:02(?) left, threw a strike to Jerrell Price in extremely tight coverage for the game-winning score as time expired, and suddently the Bottoms were all like...

Tobias Funke Happy Dance GIF

On D, DMVP Dan Dimant played the game of his life, recording his first NYGFL INT, batting down a pass, and allowing no completions in his zone. Dan's progress from week 1 has been one of the more rewarding things to watch this season. Other highlights:
- The Bottoms had 5 INTs this game (thanks to our pre-game tip drill!) by Dan, Jerrell, Devonta, Curt and Giuggio.
- Mike Giuggio earned OMVP with 2 TDs in tight coverage and Jovanni was co-MVP with 4 TDs.
- Curt ""Baby Tooth"" McLellan continued his incredible play and has officially developed into one of the very best players in this league, without question.

'Twas a true team effort on both sides of the ball. Thanks to the Boxers squad for an insanely competitive and nerve-wracking game and a fun post-game pregame! I know I do NOT want to face you guys in the playoffs-- good luck the rest of the way!


Offensive MVP: Robert Olson
Defensive MVP: Steph Benjamin
First NYGFL Touchdown: nah

Members of Team Boxers were shocked they didn't have the late game for once, so they kicked their Scruff dates out of bed and scrambled to DeWitt Clinton saying-

Still winless, but never without a flair for the dramatic, Boxers played their 6th straight game with less than 9 healthy bodies. On the first drive, their starting QB sliced his finger open but some extra red tie-dye socks provided great camouflage for all the bloody first aid on the sideline. This led to the QB debut of Robert Olson, who didn't miss a beat and kept Boxers in the game after an early 14-0 deficit. Original QB Jaime Baez missed one series on defense but returned on O to play center alongside superhero sidekick Ryan Liu, as they both steered aside the Bottoms Up rush like-

Rob threw a long TD to Steph to bring us within 14-6, and the Boxers improving D (welcome Andreau Blanchard!) made sure the game would go down to the last drive for the 4th time this season. Boxers stopped Jovanni and the Bottoms on the first drive of the second half on a Baez interception, then after a pick by Robert, stopped Bottoms again (Mark Bey pulling flags and shadowing any Frank Krumrie leakage), before Rob threw a second TD and 2pt conversion to Steph to tie up the game at 14. After both teams traded stops (Hendricks calling a hell of a game on D), the Bottoms O put up 7 points, then Boxers marched down again, scored a TD and decided to go for the win, scoring another 2pt conversion to Steph draped by 2 defenders. Up 22-21 with 19 seconds left, Boxers played conservative D, allowing Bottoms Up to have one play left at the 10 yard line with 5 seconds left. After a dropback, pass, catch-and-run and deflag at the 3 yard line, Boxers thought they had clinched victory before Doc Brown and his Delorean put 2 seconds on the clock for one more play-

Props to Castor and the Bottoms Up crew for finishing off the W, and props to Giuggio for hosting the post-game!


Offensive MVP: Matty Ray
Defensive MVP: Terrell Calloway
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nope

Last week’s game was:

But it’s also the reason you sign up for this league.  Let’s begin by saying there were some totally ah-mahzing things that happened last night.  There was Eric’s adorable 30 yard touchdown, Matty Ray’s giving us some Center Stage by scoring an extra point in arabesque and a great sack by our now no longer sick and dying Matt Drezdzon.  

Both teams were scoring back and forth and both teams’ defenses were working incredibly hard.  Eddie’s band of merry twinks scored a touchdown and took the lead by 5 points.  There was only 20 seconds left on the clock.  David rallied the troops.  After a few gains down the field, David launches a  ball about 40 yards to Terrell who leapt 100 feet in the air (it was 100, I counted) and made a catch 1 yard away from the endzone.  DBL had enough time for one more play.  David attempted to run it in, but missed it by one centimeter.  And then the clock ran out.  BUMMER.

I will say I was so proud of my DBLers for never losing faith and keeping it together enough to play hard til the end and remembering you can’t win them all and it’s fun to laugh about it later.  But after a game like that, you can’t help but to say: 



Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Flaming Saddles

Offensive MVP: Not our QB
Defensive MVP: Not our rusher
First NYGFL Touchdown: N/a

A ""messy"" start by both teams left the Flamers fortunate to grab a 13-0 halftime lead, only to have the tides turned on them in the 2nd half as Boo Boo Orlando, playing with 1 leg, was able to transform the messables into #UNmessable with 18 unanswered points and a huge comeback victory thanks to their defender Steven (I wish I had his last name) who deserves this shoutout with 3 INT's.



Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: Jae Ryu
Defensive MVP: Chris Vacchio
First NYGFL Touchdown: Jae Ryu; Bryce Ramos

HUGE shout outs go to rookie Jae Ryu and veteran Bryce Ramos for recording their first career NYGFL touchdowns!

Sassy Beyonce GIF

An all around outstanding performance from the Gym Bar squad. Defensive-standout-rookie Chris Vacchio has his best game  which led to our first shut out of the season. We're looking forward to playing Rise next week!

Excited Lebron James GIF by NBA


Offensive MVP: Ian Donovan
Defensive MVP: Justin Hess
First NYGFL Touchdown: Not yet...

The Hardware 💔Heartbreakers💔 were at the top of their game that late Saturday night to show the world what we got. Mikey's DBL is a force to be reckoned with, and we did some reckoning. Robbie didn't forget football, offense kept the ball moving with help from everyone (great catches all around!), and Justin made an amazing stop juuuuuuuuuuust short of the goal line to end the game. This was one of those most gratifying wins - great job everyone! Now let's keep it up for *checks schedule* six more games! 


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: Pat Madien
Defensive MVP: The whole D ;)
First NYGFL Touchdown: No ma'am

The Unicorns came to slay this weekend and that's EXACTLY what we did. Right out of the gate on the first play of the game, QB James Riedel threw a perfect pass to Pat Maiden who took the ball up field and scored his first touchdown of the season! When the ball went back to Biggs, Dan Castiglione quickly caught an interception giving the Unicorns the ball back and the opportunity for Mr. Maiden to score his second touchdown of the game. To end the second half, Blad Norman caught a touchdown and scored the extra point. 

During the second half of the game we kept the momentum going with rookie Hersh Marshall scoring his second TD of the season and and James Riedel also running the ball in to give us the W. 

This week we really came together and proved that we definitely have what it takes to go all the way! Great game and good luck to Mr. Biggs the rest of the season; we are looking forward to facing Tedaldi and Flaming Saddles in what will be a great game! 



Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: Darrin Chin
Defensive MVP: Nic Pei
First NYGFL Touchdown: .....

Fun game and fun afterparty - thanks Hornet!!

Individual accolades:

DARRIN: 2 TDs, including the game clincher, a full field catch and run on a pass behind him, down 5 with less than 2 minutes to go. Also took a fastball to the nose bc he tried to catch a pass meant for 
JEREMY: who gutted out a gritty performance despite still recovering from marathon knees.
QUINCEY: Battled hard with Ave all game and ended the game with a stellar defensive play to force a turnover on downs. 
CHRIS VAN KIRK: (our new rookie): impressive first game on defense, impressive showing first time hanging with his new teammates Friday after drag bingo!
LOU: He delivers babies and CRUSHING LINEBACKER PLAY!
ROB: still taking all comers
TYLER: watched himself dance in the mirror for 15 minutes at Vodka Soda.
MORRIS: MVP of the afterparty (right Ave?)

Winter is coming.

Mr. Biggs

Offensive MVP: Caidin
Defensive MVP: Jordan
First NYGFL Touchdown: None

The team is pushing through injuries and managed to score but ran out of time and wasn't able to hold Industry defensively until it was too late. 

Another 2 minutes would have yielded a different outcome.

Overall, Biggs fell short by a TD for it's first loss of the season. 

Disappointing but nit devastating. 

Goodluck to Dan and his team the rest of the season. 



Offensive MVP: Gus P.
Defensive MVP: Mike Mogavero
First NYGFL Touchdown: 

First and foremost, my apologies for not getting the Bump and Run in last week for our game against Mr. Biggs.  I just didn’t see the email.  Shootout to Mr. Biggs led by Joe White and Rory Ray.  Thank you for giving us a “Joe Jackson” Ass Whooping in our game.  It really woke us up and brought us back to reality.  In a game where everything went wrong, Team Rise learned a lot from that one.
On to this past weekend against Team Eagle.  Team Rise was PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Following last weeks blowout loss to Mr. Biggs.  We came out and played our game and Team Eagle didn’t have an answer for us.  Continued brilliance by the ageless Bryan Mullen at QB and the SEASON LONG dominance of League MVP Candidate Deej Johnson demolished the Eagle secondary.  With Captain Wilson, Denis, Bouzy and everyone else contributing in key first downs, scores and extra points.
The Rise defense returned to its stellar form and held Eagle and Andrew Billman to only 12 points.  Eagle was missing standouts Joe Barden and Sean Anthony.  Sorry, I’m not sorry about that … 
Good luck to Captain Bryan Green and the whole Eagle squad the rest of the way.
Team Rise can’t wait for this weekend for our much-anticipated game against Brandon, Tonty, and Commish Monty of Team Gym Bar.  The winner gets the number one seed.  😊



Offensive MVP: Colin, Joe
Defensive MVP: Harold
First NYGFL Touchdown: that's funny

It should have been clear on Wednesday night that it was going to be a rough weekend for the Stonewall team when captain Sean got clobbered on by a deer in advance of his game against Brandon (Bambi) and the rest of the Gym Bar team. Unlike the movie, Bambi's mother survives this time, although at first my reaction was

Mad Bambi GIF

Stonewall was led on offense by multiple catches by Colin and the ageless Joe. Colin had a couple of runs that made you just stand back and say YAS!

Bambi Dat Ass GIF

The highlight of the game came late in the first half when Gym Bar captain and QB Brandon found a wide open commissioner Monty on a center release play for what was surely going to be a first down (and more!) - except she looked upfield too quickly and dropped the ball - and was instantly booed by members of her own sideline! How rude!

When I Disney GIF

BTW, Bambi is a male deer - yet Bambi is often the name of a female stripper. Why is that? And does anyone know of a male named Bambi that isn't playing in our league?

Special shoutout to James (injured on field) and Christian (injured off field) who came out to cheer us on! Thanks for being there for us! Also, special shoutout to Harold who ran our defense and had to put multiple players in brand new positions for the night.

Next up, Stonewall plays Boxers in a battle of two captains who know what a donk bet is. "