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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: Tim Oelijeschlaeger
Defensive MVP: Bonbon
First NYGFL Touchdown: 0

We came to play after a few of its messy players missing the game before ;). Team unmessable realized the defense needed to change if they want a shot at the crown. With Eric Roberts in control of the defense they gave up 0 points! BonBon put the heat on stonewall and started melting them down ! Team unmessable snatched sacks,interceptions, and flags. Offensively Tim Oelijeschlaeger took control early in the first half after an Orlando injury. Oelijeschlaeger behind center found receivers Steven grant, Ali Rena, Joey Leskody, and Eric Roberts to move the ball and put up two touchdowns to seal the victory. Great job to Stonewall for playing hard. Good luck to the rest of the season. 

Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: Frank Krumrie
Defensive MVP: Jerrell Price & Curt McLellan
First NYGFL Touchdown: Jerrell Price (last week)

The Bottoms took on the Flamers in Saturday's cross-division FLEX game but it was the men in orange who flexed their muscles with a win by piling up points early in the game. We put up a valiant second half effort to keep the score close, but Flaming Saddles sealed the deal with a scoring drive late in the game with a bunch of check down passes, included a nice scamper by that cute little center of theirs on an (unintentionally?) delayed release. Some highlights for the Bottoms:

- Newbie Van Welch made his debut and despite looking like a very pretty deer in the headlights at practice, was poised on the field and took well to coaching. In true NYGFL spirit, he gave us all a strip show on 53rd St on the way to the afterparty.
- Joe Marino made his debut for the season and did NOT get injured!! In fact, we had no injuries this week, a rarity for us Bottoms.
- Jerrell Price was at it again with a bunch of big catches and a key interception that he nearly returned all the way for a score.
- Jovanni Molina tossed three TDs to Frank Krumrie, which accounted for all of our scoring on the night. We all thought it was 4, but sometimes the flags don't go your way (or in our case on this night, 15 times).
- Curt McLellan continued his stellar season and has firmly put himself in the running for Most Improved Player, particularly on defense with shutdown man coverage and a handful of batted down passes.

The real highlight of the game was Jeff Levin absolutely BULLDOZING 6 people for a big gain on a blocker release. It may not count in the stat book after being called back due to penalty, but that was my favorite moment of the night and a lot of fun to watch.

This was a tough loss coming off a big win, but we did a great job fighting despite the double-digit penalties piled up against us and we're ready to right the ship as we look to next week and beyond. Congrats to Tedaldi and co. on a big win and good luck the rest of the way!


Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: N/A

We led at halftime, got the ball after the half and had a couple of errors to let it slip away. A fluke turnover while punting on our goal line, and then a safety the first play of the drive after. Otherwise, we would've won a game playing 6 on 7.

MVPs of the game were Andrew C, Andrew J, Jaime, Michael, Ryan and Steph for almost winning a game playing 6 on 7. Shoutout to Ave and Hornet for having a blast with us.


Offensive MVP: Whole Team
Defensive MVP: JP Detty
First NYGFL Touchdown: We're all no longer virgins [Editor's note: "no longer"]



QB David and Mark Rosenberg making more plays than Shakespeare.  JP Detty and Terrell were destroying the beautiful Andrew Billman, getting sacks galore with a rush better than any poppers.


Eric’s extra point was only eclipsed by his jubilant celebration right after.  Nate stopped more boys from reaching David than a jealous exboyfriend.  Peter’s defensive fire burned so bright you couldn’t look directly at him.


Jonathan was snatching points like wigs with a touchdown and critical extra point.  Matty Ray was gaining yardage up and down the field because he’s what?  SICKENING.  And Curley once again proved that an old queen can still rule them all…

Great effort put forth by Eagle…  But you want learn to fly?  Keep an eye on these DBL queens.  xoxo 



Offensive MVP: Andy Fouche
Defensive MVP: Me (I’m giving myself one
First NYGFL Touchdown: Andy Fouche (yaaaaaaaasssss!!!!!!!)

So we apparently like to EnP a lot on and off the field because the whole time it was tit for tat...I’m still on edge for how clutch it was....

 spongebob squarepants spongebob nervous spongebobsquarepants spongebob gif GIF

Shout out to Mike and his DBL squad.....and special congrats to Ms. Fouche for her first of many NYGFL touchdowns to come....Can’t wait to get out there this weekend!!!!

Flaming Saddles

Offensive MVP: Josh Fyffe & Ms. SKAGGS
Defensive MVP: Cowhey & Eric James
First NYGFL Touchdown: nope!

Week 5... Flex week showcased 2 powerhouses, Flaming Saddles vs. Daddy lover, Michael Castor's team of BTTM's UP!
Flamers jumped out to a quick 6 poing lead right before Giovanni march his squad down for a quick tie. Flamers answered right back for a 12-6 lead and were able to punch in another TD after a huge 4th down stop with 43 seconds left in the 1st half for a 20-6 lead. BTTM's would not go away thanks to Dan Dimant's awesome day on the field. So, the Flamers need 1 more big drive to go up 2 possession and put the game out of reach.
Good luck the rest of the season UP's.
Shoutouts to Jerrell, Giuggio, Dimant who were unstoppable.... and to my Flamers, Eric Kiki James who refused to get off the field, Ricky with 2 big catches. Fyffe, Skaggs and Ms. Cotter for their continued solid play. Great rushing Nathanson & HOLLYWOOD. Blocking bu John (yes, that mess) Balash and everyone else.
Definitely our best game of the season.
**hugs bitches**

Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: The Defense
Defensive MVP: Andre Garrett
First NYGFL Touchdown: ---

NBA funny nba smiling thumbs up GIF


Offensive MVP: Justin Hess
Defensive MVP: Josh Polycarpe
First NYGFL Touchdown: Ian Carroll got his first extra point! 

The Hardware 💔Heartbreakers💔 were a little undermanned coming into the game, but we kept the intensity up and came out on top! Great job Justin, who played really well under pressure as a game's primary QB. Shout out to Justin, Ian Donovan, and Josh Polycarpe for a combined *five* interceptions which turned over the ball at critical times. Congrats to Ian Carroll on getting his first points on the board. Michaels, we'll get your inaugural touchdowns soon! Let's keep up the good work next week! 


Offensive MVP: Joe Beckwith 
Defensive MVP: Terrell Bostic & Ethan Borger
First NYGFL Touchdown: none

The WhoreNets played a great game against Boxers.  The game that kept going back and forth,  but the WhoreNets pulled out on top.

 gif reaction happy yes mrw GIF

Special shoutouts: 

Joe Beckwith for grabbing two touchdowns this weekend.

NFL football nfl catch new york giants GIF

Vinny had a great game throwing the ball.

NFL football nfl green bay packers packers GIF

Ethan & Terrell had killer defensive games!


Offensive MVP: Josh Mattly
Defensive MVP: DJ Davids
First NYGFL Touchdown: *abyssal darkness*

This week the Unicorns played an INCREDIBLE game against Gym Bar. Missing a few key players and majority of the team playing both sides of the ball, we came out and payed our hearts out and turned out a win! Some highlights and shoutouts:   DJ Davids put us on the board with a safety and Josh Mattly caught an interception turning the ball back over to the Unicorns. James Riedel ran the ball in for the first touch down follow by an incredible pass to Mark Caruso to score another touchdown!   Josh also scored a touchdown as well! It was a tremendous game played by the unicorns all the way around.

This week we also added a new player to our roster, Pricilla the unicorn. Expect to see her for the rest of the season! 

I am so super proud of this team and cannot wait to go all the way with them! Great game by Gym Bar and we are looking ahead to facing off against Mr. Biggs this week! 


Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: Darrin Chin
Defensive MVP: Lou Cicatelli
First NYGFL Touchdown: ........

In the sweatiest game on record, kudos to Eddie and his Hardwarians on a well fought down to the wire (insert extra sports cliche) match, especially extra shouts to the rookie Justin Hess who impressively filled in at QB, and Josh Polycarpe, who is just so damn attractive I forgot my colors and kept throwing him the ball (he is not on my team). 

On our side, Rob Body had 2 long TD catches and Darrin absolutely killed it with his YAC. Defensively, Mickey's held strong, led by the undeniably testosterone fueled antics of Quincey, Darrin, and Lou, who was all over the field AND managed not to get called for holding! 4 first half INT doomed Mickey's this week - maybe I was looking forward to next week's Tree Bowl with Ave's team....

Mr. Biggs

Offensive MVP: The whole team
Defensive MVP: The whole team
First NYGFL Touchdown: No.

A phenomenal game…

Although Biggs started off with only 9 players, we banded together to face Rise.

Within the first 5 minutes we were down 6-0 on their opening drive and received every call and penalty Frank and lil Frank could muster.

Captain Joe White called a timeout to level the team and talk through the fundamentals and reset the tempo for Biggs.

From there on out, Team Biggs went into BEAST Mode on the field with several stops on defense in the Red Zone to hold Rise to only 6 points the rest of the game.  

Great rushing by Josh, Jordan, Nick, Caidin and Joe Curry!  They put much needed pressure on the QB and was physical on the line to cause disruption in the game for Rise.

Caidin came through with a big 4th down completion against the Rise Giant (Deej) including a no flag roughing the passer call which rallied the team even more.

Nick Avitable tipped a pick 6 to Matt Rosenberg who ran all the way back for a TD.  That was 1 of 2 TDs and an extra point for him on the nite.

Jordan went beast mode as usual to score extra points when we went for 2 in the Red Zone for Biggs.

From there it was Team Biggs for the remainder of the game. 

Big Thanks to Rory for coming back early from China to QB and for Nick and Matt to show their versatility in their roles as Center, Blocker and now Receivers.

Nick scored the final TD of the night to seal game when it was called for the mercy rule.

Amazing teamwork and support by Biggs – the team is really coming together well.

Good luck to Jamar and Rise for the rest of the season.


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???

Pictured: Jamar


Offensive MVP: do I have to?
Defensive MVP: James
First NYGFL Touchdown: really?

The game between the Thirst Trap and Unmessable was a great battle, both teams gave it their all. 

Sean made his season debut at QB. Sean’s first drive wasn’t cute at all.

Wait - this is a copy of Ave's recap from two weeks ago. Must come up with something original.

With Thirst Trap QB Billman apparently handcuffed in only his underwear and locked away in the apartment of a member of the #unmessable team (at least that's what Ali CLAIMED), captain Sean had to come up with a new QB plan for the night and statistics provided the answer. When starting the game with a full uniform, Sean entered the night 3-0 as a QB and when starting the game with a ripped uniform (thanks Figliulo!), he is 1-7 as a QB. Since his uniform is fully intact, statistics clearly demonstrates the truth - Sean would start and Stonewall would win! Meanwhile the rest of the team screamed ""Quick, give me my medicine!""

 nanny fine GIF

Stonewall did start the game with the ball, and completed a pass on their first play to rookie Bruce, who returned to the huddle like

 90s 90s tv the nanny fran fine fran drescher GIF

Unfortunately, the drive resulted in a punt. Actually, both teams struggled with their offense, as defenses were on point. The first score of the game occurred when #unmessable captain Orlando made a great catch while just keeping his feet inbound, then shook his hips about 36 times to return it the whole way and suddenly it was 7-0 after the extra point. Late in the first half, Stonewall tried to make a late drive down the field, but a tipped (and tipped and tipped again) ball resulted in an interception. While #unmessable scored, James' continued monster defense stopped the extra point and the score was 13-0 at half. 

The Stonewall defense D continued to play really well in the second half. Kris made some great calls, Harold had a fabulous interception and James pulled a huge number of flags and his rushing continues to be totally fierce. The offense was able to move down the field at times - the playcalling was actually pretty good, it was really an issue of execution by the QB and a great rush by #unmessable.

And then there was after the game. Most of the team decided to pass on wearing a costume - which I think was wise, since I've seen their makeup skillz...oy.

 tv 90s old grandma nana GIF