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Captains' Logs - Women's Division


Offensive MVP: Sjene
Defensive MVP: Brigid
First NYGFL Touchdown: non

Sjene came out guns blazing and helped #messy get the win! GREATTTTT team win and I am super pumped about it!

American Retro

First NYGFL Touchdown: nein

WE ARE RETROOOOOO!!!!!!  We were light but be were mighty this Saturday night.  Highlights of our 5 v 7 game include but not limited to 2 team touchdowns, Liz's 2.5 yard punt and Gio's face getting in the way of Liz's grounding.  True team effort from start to finish.   Actual Game Highlights below. 

 300 GIF
 face people balls thechive GIF
 football minions kicking field goal GIF

Barrow's Pub

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: nyet

Really fun and exciting game against a tough Crossfit SPOT team. It was a back and forth battle but Barrow's fought hard and pulled out the win in the end. Lot's of momentum on offense and tough defense. And we figured out those extra points! Always excited for more football next weekend, let's get ittttt

Bindle & Keep

Offensive MVP: TEAM
Defensive MVP: TEAM
First NYGFL Touchdown: 没有


NFL football nfl thriller to GIF

CrossFit SPOT

Offensive MVP: Remy W
Defensive MVP: Jackie G
First NYGFL Touchdown: no (en espanol voice)

CF Spot fought hard but came up a little short. Led on defense by rookie Jackie who had two interceptions, CF finally found their defensive groove in the second half. On offense, rookie Remy, stepped in as a blocker for the first time and held off Barrow's rush with center Kristen. Great game CF Spot!


Offensive MVP: Ashley
Defensive MVP: Susana
First NYGFL Touchdown: नहीं

Tough loss against a quality lucky strike team. Shout outs to Ashley for her play at center and Susana for nabbing a sack! Dankza continues to lock it down on defense, and we had some great catches to move the chains. We're back at it next week, let's get a win and some DANZKA SHOTSKAS!! 


Henrietta Hudson

Offensive MVP: I. Maza
Defensive MVP: Nicki N
First NYGFL Touchdown: いいえ

Hens lost a close one this week against unmessable.  As usual Kat Rod lit up the field with two TDs. I. Maza added the first extra point for her first trip across the end zone as a rookie.  More to come from Maza for sure.  Nicki N was an interception machine with 2 key interception and one on the final play of the game.  Hens wants to give a shout out and well wishes to our Defensive Leader, team MVP and all around super athlete Kat Rod.  Kat was injured during the game after making a ridiculous diving catch....and yes she held onto the ball.  Speedy recovery Kat.  Finally Shout out goes to Thea for stepping up and filling in on blocking duties. Thanks T.

Lucky Strike

Offensive MVP: Dani
Defensive MVP: Chelsea
First NYGFL Touchdown: DANI

We had a good team performance this week. The defense was lights out with interceptions from Chelsea and Courtney and great man to man defense by Sophia Lou, who was running around and jumping like a banshee the entire game.  On offense Georgie and Ella did a great job blocking and releasing and Raquelle and Arlene came up with some crucial catches throughout the game. Dani got her first NYGFL TD, and Carrie came up with her second TD in as many weeks. YAS KWEEN LETS GO LUCKY STRIKE.