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Captains' Logs - Open Division


Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP: ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???


Bottoms Up

Offensive MVP: Jovanni Molina, Curt McLellan
Defensive MVP: George Murphy
First NYGFL Touchdown: null

The Bottoms came out 8 men deep again this week against the high-powered Stonewall squad and unlike prior games, participated in an offensive shootout to come away with the 2-point victory for our first W of the season! The big story this week was the coming-of-age breakout game for rookie QB Jovanni Molina, who won OMVP by throwing 5 TDs with no interceptions. Jovanni took his game to another level with success on short, intermediate, and deep plays. He threw two absolutely gorgeous TD bombs to fellow OMVP Curt McLellan on fly routes and connected with Frank Krumrie and Jerrell Price for additional scores. He read the defense on every drive, taking what they gave him, and mixed up his play calls effectively. Oh, and he played pretty good defense, too.

Other highlights:
- Jerrell Price made his NYGFL debut and was an immediate force, catching a ton of short range passes and pitches and showing off his speed for chunk gains. On defense, he did a great job against Stonewall's big threat Kris Burrell.
- Frank Krumrie led the team in catches and had a TD. In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue, and Mike Giuggio is a dom masc top.
- Great blocking and rushing all game by Jeff Levin, who's been a key contributor weekly and had a ton of QB pressures.
- DMVP honors went to rookie George Murphy, who played man D for the first time and did an awesome job of locking up and taking to coaching. Of course, it was to no one's surprise that he was great with the D.
- Mike Giuggio played a fantastic game on defense and had the game winning flag pull to prevent Stonewall QB Matt Billman from running in a game-tying 2-point conversion at the end of the game. Dan Dimant also continued to improve at linebacker and had a clutch flag pull in the open field to save a TD.

We look forward to next week's debuts of Joe Marino and rookie Van Welch as we get healthier and build on this big win. Shout out to Stonewall for an awesome game (BIllman was making big time throws all evening) and good luck the rest of the way!

Tops Down, Bottoms Up!


Offensive MVP: Michael Hendricks
Defensive MVP: Mark Bey
First NYGFL Touchdown: Almost!

The pregame plan for defense was simple:

The team stepped it up and got stops time and time again, holding Miss Greene’s Flying Eagles to only one score for most of the game. Shout-out to Andrew Clyne for tending to a finger injury and immediately returning to the field to play shutdown defense as usual. Also, to Steph Benjamin for catching another TD despite the offensive anemia. Mark Bey was also crucial in snatching flags left and right (seriously, those talons don’t miss), and Nick Donias raced in for a sack or two versus a foot-taller Jackie Dupree (hi honey!). Other highlights on offense were Nick’s catch on a seam that allegedly got stopped at the one yard line at the end of the half. Also, Rocky Granum had clean snaps all game and blocking that gave his QB all day to throw.

After a controversial 2nd half turnover on downs, Eagle scored on the shorter field to lengthen their lead from 7-6 to 13-6. Again, the Boxers D stepped up with a stop on the conversion, and from there the offense put it together. A true team effort in the huddle, Boxers marched down with key catches by Rob Olson, Steph, Andrew J and Miss Hendricks before Michael or Robert (I know you both had amazing catches, one ruled in and one out) converted on 4th and goal with a tippy toes catch in the corner of the end zone to make it 13-12. Going for two with 90 seconds left, and with Steph draped in double coverage, Hendricks gave Boxers their first lead of the game with another tip toe catch by the TD pylon for delightful last-minute drama.

Despite not closing out the win, the team enjoyed getting to know the Eaglettes on the field and then after the game. Ryan always knows how to host a gathering, and was sorely missed on the field. Good luck to Eagle and the rest of their season, and Boxers looks forward to getting off the Schneid next week!


Offensive MVP: Brendan Curley
Defensive MVP: Peter Demoise
First NYGFL Touchdown: HELL YEAH: Nate Germer

Hey lovers, can you say SHUT OUT?

This is what happens when captain and QB finally meet!  A game for the record books.  DBL had a historic win over Mickey Spilane’s last week.  QB David Tawil utilized the entire team for a huge 40 points (goodness it’s great to play with him!).  And the DBL defense prevented their opponent from getting a single completion.  

Highlights include 4 (4!) touchdowns by a shockingly sober Brendan “you touch it, you catch it” Curley.  An interception and two swat downs by Peter “Defensive Beast” Demoise (with assistance from Terrell “just the tip” Calloway).  JP “THROW ME THE BALL” Detty’s center/release that was so perfect it should be taught in schools.  Amazing plays on D and O by Mark “I play both sides” Rosenberg.   Interceptions for just about everyone on the team.  Plus our newbie Nate “Rugby Thighs” Germer’s first NYGFL touchdown!!!  Yee-haw! 

This is the DBL the rest of this league won’t be able to get out of their head.  So get out of our way, we’re a timebomb ready to explode.  



Offensive MVP: Errbody that showed up
Defensive MVP: Same for O (special shoutout to Adam tho)
First NYGFL Touchdown: Nah(i think?)

So walking into this weekend I knew we were gonna be short staffed but when Saturday hit and it became clear that we would only have 7, let's just say I was a bit nervous.......

But once we got into playing, the nerves subsided....I couldn't have been more proud of everyone.  Special shout out to Adam who stepped up like crazy, getting his first of many sacks to cum in his NYGFL career.  Shout out to Boxers and their crazy captain Jaime....I think he would agree that the game was clutch from beginning to end, there was no let up from either squad.  We all left it on the field.    Well at least I did, cuz this bish is STILL tired....

Cant wait for next weekend!!!!

Flaming Saddles

Offensive MVP: Oscar Ortega, Ricky Zia & John Balash
Defensive MVP: John Cowhey, Nathanson & Eric James
First NYGFL Touchdown: [clonk]

Super shout out to Joe White, Rory Ray and the whole Biggs crew for a fun, hard fought game.
Flaming standouts.... Ricky Zia with 2 big catches, Josh Fyffe (every game gets better and better), Eric James playing both sides of the ball while under the weather, John Balash with her 3 TD's, Nathanson for racing back to give us stellar rushing and then there is Khloe.... I'll leave it at that.
Good luck the rest of the season Biggs!


Gym Bar

Offensive MVP: David McCollum
Defensive MVP: Robbie Macaraeg
First NYGFL Touchdown: ---------------------

After starting the game with a couple bad possessions, Gym Bar found themselves down 13-0 within the first few minutes.  The defense responded with 2 big subsequent stops while the offense capitalized and Gym Bar had the lead going into half 14-13. Wait… the referees... I mean #unmessable somehow managed to turn 30 seconds into 6 points after a highly controversial and somewhat laughable end to the first half. 

The defense continued it’s stronghold on the game with consecutive 4 and outs. Tony turned one of the turnovers into 6 points after a great catch and Brandon ran another one in to put Gym Bar in front 26-19. The lead was kept until the final possession, when Orlando led his team on an excellent drive throwing a 10 yard TD before converting the 2 point conversion to take the lead and win the game. A defeat that stings, this game was a learning experience for the team. There were a lot of positives to build from and overall, it was a solid performance after starting the game down 13-0. Onward and upward to next week in what promises to be an exciting match up!


Offensive MVP: Justin Hess
Defensive MVP: Timothy Hart
First NYGFL Touchdown: Not first ever

Hardware was down their Captain and QB but that didn’t hold Jeremy G, Justin H and Josh P back from stepping up to help lead the team.  

We’ve got a new QB in the league in Justin H who was thrown in to the position and helped Hardware score 2 touchdowns.  JerBear stepping up to the QB role gave up a much needed finger for his team and we can’t wait to have him back as one of the integral parts of our team.

Ian Donavan scored his first touchdown this season and was an was a key part of the Offense.

The Hardwares Rookies stepped it up a notch in this game.  Some being thrown into all new positions picked at the last second but they picked up their role fast and worked hard together.  We’ve got some future killer player in our midst.

Ooh Girl I Got This GIF - IGotThis GIFs

And most importantly the Heartbreakers were hella cute out there. <3



Offensive MVP: Terrell Bostic 
Defensive MVP: Whole Defense 
First NYGFL Touchdown: Benjanin Green 

The WhoreNets entered in tough spot with 3 players out this past weekend. The game vs Industry was a game of ups and downs for the WhoreNets. Industry won this great battle between these two teams. 
Shoutout to Terrell Bostic for not only snatching the crown this weekend but also snatching a touchdown and some great catches.

 beyonce queen mrs. carter mrs. carter world tour GIF

Also shoutout for my rookie Ben Green for getting his first NYGFL touchdown.

HULU tv dance hulu cbs GIF

Joe Beckwith aka James and Ethan Borger were out there snatching flags like no other!

 bitch victory wig talk show snatch GIF

We will bring it next weekend!


Offensive MVP: Mark Caruso 
Defensive MVP: Pat Maiden 
First NYGFL Touchdown: Hersh Walker

After a wild night at the WalkOff, the Unicorns played a great game against the WhoreNets, and as always, I’m very proud of them. Big shoutouts  on offense to Mark Caruso, Brendan Donohoe and Blad Norman who all put points on the board. Big congrats to rookie Hersh Walker who made his NYGFL debut and also scored his first touchdown!!!

On defense we played our hearts out, despite calling our plays a million different things during the game, we got the job done and made some great plays. DJ Davids caught a amazing interception and Thomas “Stove” Garza was pulling flags left and right. Pat Maiden was fill-in rusher, and did a fantastic job of putting pressure on the Hornet team (it may or may not have been because he was so sweaty that he can just glide past people, no shade).  

Best of luck to Captain Ave Draper and the res of his Hornet Team for the rest of the season! We are looking forward to going into next weeks game focused and ready to win it! 



Mickey Spillane's

Offensive MVP: hmmmm
Defensive MVP: Darrin
First NYGFL Touchdown: ............

DBL played great- kudos to Figulio for a mercilessly focused D, Erik Hilliard for a productive running game, and Frank for calling the game with 5 min left. 

This was not Mickey's night, but like Shangela, we will return! Hopefully not in a box tho.

Mr. Biggs

Offensive MVP: ???
Defensive MVP:  ???
First NYGFL Touchdown: ???



Offensive MVP: David Bouzy
Defensive MVP: Greg Hamill
First NYGFL Touchdown: n/a

Hardware Vs. Rise Saturday night was a game without Parental Supervision with both teams missing their Captains.  Both Eddie and Jamar were out of town.  Team Rise has fought through attendance issues all season and this game was no different.  MVP Candidate Deej Johnson and All World QB Bryan Mullen stepped up and ran Team Rise to ANOTHER mercy rule win.  Most Improved Player Candidate Greg Hamill has quickly turned into a force at linebacker and dominated on defense.  Rookie of the Season Candidate Efe has been a revelation and a breath of fresh air.  This fearsome twosome gets better every game and I feel bad for opposing linemen trying to stop them.  Well not really …

Shout out to David Bouzy for a tremendous bounce back game where he ran all over the Hardware secondary.

Get well soon to Jeremy on Hardware with his broken finger.  Best of luck to Eddie and the whole Hardware crew the rest of the way. Hopefully, we will meet again in the playoffs.

Team Rise can’t wait for this weekend’s flex game where we will play the other first place team.   Who dat?




Offensive MVP: Billman
Defensive MVP: James
First NYGFL Touchdown: nah, brah

It was a beautiful Saturday night for the game between the Thirst Trap and Bottoms Up. With the MTA causing subway issues (again), the practice for the Thirst Trap was a little bit disorganized leading to a bunch of throws that were handled like

Faint GIF - Faint Clue Movie GIFs

But once the game got going, the offense was ready to go! Unfortunately, for the Thirst Trap, the Bottoms Up offense (led by QB and Rebel Jovanni and new receiver Jerrell) was also ready to go as well. Both teams ran up and down the field over and over again like it was a track meet

 clue GIF

Late in the game, after another Thirst Trap TD, it was time to do some arithmetic to decide whether to go for 1 or 2 - but math is hard

 clue GIF

While we did correctly go for 2 and try to tie the game, the extra point failed and Bottoms Up was able to get a first down to run out the clock for the 32-30 win.

Stonewall was led defensively by James, who brought plenty of pressure all night long and got 3 sacks. The offense moved along really well again with Colin and Kris each scoring another TD and rookie Johnny almost got his second TD of the season, but was deflagged on the 1 yard line on a long bomb. Like always, Joe's blocking was amazing and QB Billman threw 5 more TDs. Breaking news: he can really throw.

Next week, the Thirst Trap looks to get back on the winning track against ... at ... at ... Park. It sounds like it will be an epic battle!