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New York Gay Football League

NYGFL Hall of Fame

Since 2015, the NYGFL has recognized outstanding members of the NYGFL community for both their tenacity on the field and their dedication to the league by inducting them into the Hall of Fame.


In order to be join the NYGFL Hall of Fame, members must have had a tenure of 10 seasons in the Open Division or 6 seasons in the Women's Division, be in good standing with the league, and be selected for induction by the Hall of Fame Committee based on their play on the field and  contributions to the league.


Inducted 2015

  • Cyd Ziegler

  • Mike Pinelli

  • Michael Cargrove

  • Molly Lenore

  • Alon Hocohen

Inducted 2016

  • Tierney Bryce

  • Joey Rivera

  • Robin Kuhns

  • Wade Davis

  • Corey Johnson

  • Jackie Dupree (James Cole)

Inducted 2018

  • Hal Gilenson

  • Tim Hughes

  • Rachel Nord

  • Stacey Schwartz

  • Stephen Velleca



Each spring the Hall of Fame Committee has the opportunity to induct new members who have met the qualifications into the Hall of Fame. The 2018 induction to the NYGFL Hall of Fame will take place at 4:30 on Sunday, May 20, 2018 at the Spring Season Closing Party at Industry Bar.